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Bird Dog Training

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Ticks… Nature’s Asshole

Posted by New England Hunter On June - 6 - 20121 COMMENT

With only two weeks left to fill my last spring turkey tag, I was spending a lot of time in the woods. On top of that I was spending a lot of time taking the dogs out and doing a little training. Living in this part of the country I have become so accustomed to finding ticks on myself and my dogs that I would simply give them a flick if they were not attached or just pinch them off it I found them attached. I had heard about Lyme disease but never really took any serious consideration about getting it. I am constantly checking myself and my dogs. I was told once that a tick needs to be attached for 24 hours in order to transmit Lyme disease. Since I never really found any ticks attached to me I didn’t think much about it. Both my dogs have the vaccine for Lyme, I however, do not…

Friday’s Video…

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Below is my buddy Jimmy taking a New Jersey Winter Bow Doe. Enjoy your weekend and be safe. Also, a story he wrote about a tough encounter with two nice NJ public land bucks can be found here.

Press Releases Maine, N.H., VT., Conn., NY, Pa., NJ.

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Road Signs to Help Maine’s Endangered Turtles

Augusta, Maine – Late May through early July in southern Maine is a critical period when female turtles undertake risky overland forays to reach nesting areas. During this time, turtles often cross roads, sometimes with fatal consequences. In response, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) and The Nature Conservancy are cooperating to install new road signs warning motorists of endangered turtle road crossing locations in the towns of Wells, South Berwick and York with the hope of reducing collisions with two of the states rarest species. For more….