2009 deer season update

Posted by admin On January - 2 - 2010

Well folks the 2009 deer season here in MA has come to an end unfortunately. The good news is that it ended on a good note. Last Saturday me and my father in law were hunting a small piece that we decided to go in and sit for a few hours. About 800 am I heard him shoot on the other side of the hill, I waited a short time and then my phone rang. It was him and he said that he thinks he got one. So over the hill I went. He took a long shot with with the Thompson center muzzle-loader and he brought me down to where he shot at 3 does all standing together, probably about 125-150 yards. We looked around and didn’t see any sign of a good hit. So he circled way out and around trying to drive them back towards me with no luck. Once we determined that he had missed we headed out and on the way out we saw where the 50 cal. sabot struck a small cedar tree go figure. So we headed for another piece where we had seen deer a few days earlier bedded down. I told Dave that I would drive the piece to him and for him to go down to the corner of the field and wait while I drove one of the hillsides, and I told him that when he saw me go across the ridge to go into the wood line about 75 yards and stand on a knoll overlooking a swampy area. As I continued my drive towards him I looked up on a small ridge and saw a nice buck running parallel to me the opposite direction, I fired at him almost dropping him in his tracks, he went about 25 yards and rolled over, no time after that Dave shot again!. I thought to myself as I was full of excitement that we both just got a deer. I ran over to where he was and he said that he thinks he missed the doe he shot at, I told him that I had just killed a nice buck but wasn’t sure how big. When we got up to him he was a nice size 7 pointer with a really nice rack, we dragged him out with some help from the land owner and began the process in this state to try and find a check station, good luck I love the state of MA!. We finally got him checked in and weighed up at 150 lbs not too bad!

So the 2009 season was a pretty good one for all, we ended up with a real nice 8 pt in Maine, a small spike by bow in MA and to end, a nice 7 pt in MA with the muzzle-loader. I will be getting some photos up of the 7pt shortly with the help of Dave and maybe a small video if allowed. Winter Coyote season has arrived in Maine and we will keep you informed as to what we see and hopefully get a shot or two at. Best of luck to all in 2010 and remember the only good deer is in the back of a truck or in the freezer!

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