The dates for the 2011 white tail deer hunting seasons for the year have been confirmed and announced by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. This is something that all of the hunters of the area have been waiting for.

The dates for the muzzleloader and archery seasons were omitted intentionally by the department from the Vermont Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Laws and Guide for 2011 because the Vermont Board for Fish and Wildlife was considering on adding one more season to the October muzzleloader and archery seasons already in place at the time the guide was in the process of being printed. The Board went further on to not have any season changes made to the guide or the rules and regulations.

Since there are no changes in the seasons structure from all of the previous years, the dates for Vermont’s four deer hunting autumn seasons can be followed as always like before, or given below:

  • Archery is to be October 1 through 23 and December 3 through 11, 2011.
  • Youth is from November 5 through 6, 2011.
  • Rifle Buck Season runs from November 12 through 27, 2011.
  • Muzzleloader season is from December 3 to 11, 2011.

The actual season by season rules and regulations can be found in the Vermont Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Laws and Guide for 2011. This will allow you to know more exact dates and changes that were made and updated.

There is however, one change that was made to the deer regulations for the year of 2011. During archery season, hunters can now take three deer using their bows. Only one of these deer however, can be an antlered buck. The rest must be does. Some of the units for Wildlife Management might be closed to taking the antlerless deer during the 2011 hunting seasons. This is information that will be placed in the guides that you will want to ensure you read. Your normal spots might be closed down, or perhaps will not take the deer you have shot.

The limit remains the same on the deer, three deer and only two of those three can be legal bucks. The Board wants Vermont hunters to know that just like before, the hunters are given 50 days on the calendar where they can pursue white tailed deer in the woods of Vermont. Since the herds of deer are healthy and populating, hunting can be used throughout the state for management.

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