5 Deer Hunting Facts to Remember

Posted by admin On February - 26 - 2010

There are many deer hunting facts you should try to remember in order gain more insight and further your knowledge of the sport. But this is just a few for now and I will certainly provide more in the future.

1. Early in the fall a doe will respond best to a bleat call, as opposed to a buck.

2. If you hunt an apple orchard during pre rut the best place to hang your tree stand is downwind of the most active trail that enters the orchard. This helps maximize your chances of harvesting a deer because a deer can head in any direction once it enters the orchard.

3. Locate food sources and bedding areas and see where the deer are funneling in from. During the rut this the best area to hang your tree stand.

4. Grab yourself a barometer because deer become more active as the barometric pressure rapidly increases or decreases. They will be on the move to a feeding source so be ready.

5. A snowstorm will give you your best chance to kill a deer while still hunting. This type of weather helps conceal your sounds and movements.

Thank you again for stopping by and checking out Northeast Hunting, and stay tuned for much more hunting information in the near future as we are constantly evolving.

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