The opening day of deer season is a large event. As soon as the sun comes up, you will hear the shots going through the woods and behind it a hopeful hunter.

There are a lot of deer tags filled, and some might not use any. Finding out some of the best tactics to use at the end of the year can ensure that those hunters get the deer they need, even if it is late.

1. The first place to look for these deer are those places that they can find an abundance of food. Since the season is winding down, a lot of them are looking for food to fill their bellies, and this means during the day when it is light out and the temperatures are not below freezing.

2. Hunt through the back door. Waterfowl hunting might prove to be easier during this time than buck hunting, but it can be done. Try to place yourself behind the deer, and sit and wait patiently instead of creeping up on them, or coming at them from the front. A tree stand might come in handy at this point. This ensures that you’re also not crowding in another hunter that has marked the front path of the deer herd. Another great reason is because when they are scared out of their grazing place, they are going to turn around and run towards where they came from. This is where you will be waiting, out of sight for them. All it takes is one hunter to push them towards you.

3. Hunting to and from where your stand or normal hunting area is can prove to be beneficial. A lot of times you scare the deer while you’re moving to and away from the stand. If you slow down, and look around to hunt while making your way to your site, you will spot more deer before you spook them. Make sure you’re on full alert while hunting them. You might be able to bring home a buck before you know it.

4. Make sure to go into your hunting site after daylight. This is because you might spook them away from the site before you even get to situate yourself. There should be enough light to get into your spot, and comfortably shoot before trying to go in. Approach your spot while the sun is at your back, this way the wind and sun works with you, and not against you.

5. Instead of going in early in the morning, try hunting the later shift. You might spook the deer that are eating in the early morning, but if you wait and go back to the site later in the day, you might be able to get a better shot without spooking them right as they go to feed.

6. Scrape up a tree while going to a tree stand or trying to get a buck’s attention. Bucks cannot help it. They are naturally attracted to other bucks that they hear. This is why making a scraping sound might call them to you.

7. If it’s snowing, raining, or sleeting, make sure to get out there anyway. The best time to hunt for deer is during the time when it is lightly raining. If it is windy out, you can still go. The movement of the deer will be suppressed, and you can still get around to finding them even without being heard or seen by them because of the wind.

Making use of these tips during late season can help you get out of the jam when necessary. This is something that you should think about if you still have time to fill those tags, and you want to bring a nice big buck home.

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