8 point buck from Maine, 165 lbs.

Posted by admin On November - 18 - 2009

It was a great week for hunting and on our last day a nice 8 point buck weighing in at 165 pounds was finally taken by our most seasoned hunter. It was a through and through shot at about 60 yards with a slug just below the neck, and the deer only made it about another 60 yards before he collapsed on the road. Of course myself, Alex, and the other Dave were hunting an area about 10 minutes away when we got the call early Saturday morning. We rushed quickly back to camp where this took place, apparently too quickly since Alex unfortunately dropped his rifle on the ground coming out of the woods resulting in a few scratches on the scope and having to make some adjustments to the windage.

It wasn’t long before the buck was field dressed, tagged, weighed, and hung up as a trophy. It was a great end to this hunting trip as no one wanted to go home empty handed, and now we have much more venison to eat. Over the past few days we had noticed many doe’s in the area and then one night we finally spotted the buck that was following them so now we knew he was around. I should also mention Saturday night that we were all riding around in Alex’s truck when we were pulled over and he was given a ticket for illegally illuminating deer, which us and most other people thought you couldn’t do with a spotlight, but truck headlights count. If we had guns in the car I guess we would have gone to jail according to the game warden, and that would have not been a great end to the hunting trip.

I have pictures which I will be posting very soon in the next post so definitely check them out. We had a great time and hopefully Alex will share some of the stories from the week that everyone might find amusing from him almost being attacked by a moose to the elderly gentleman dressed as a woman at the local gas station. It never seems to be a dull moment, and good luck hunting the rest of deer season wherever you may be.

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