A-Way Hunting Products Bowgrunter Plus Review

Posted by admin On November - 9 - 2010

Let’s just start by making something clear: The name “Bowgrunter Plus” on A-Way’s buck grunt call is more than a little misleading. It makes you feel as though this is the perfect buck grunt to use while you’re out bow hunting.

Sure, there’s good reason to think that, overall. This buck grunt doesn’t actually require you to use either hand, freeing yours up for that perfect shot. And, of course, there’s always the fact that it’s a great tool to use even before the rut even arrives. Oh, and let’s not forget that it’s an inhaling call, instead of an exhaling one, that makes the perfect call each and every time.

So why, you’re probably asking, is the name misleading? It sounds as though it’s perfect for bow hunting.

Well, sure it is. But it’s perfect for all other kinds of deer hunting as well. Maybe they should call this thing the “Bestgrunter Plus,” or maybe the “Only Grunter That You Should Even Bother To Buy.” Either of those names work, that’s for sure.

When we first got the Bowgrunter Plus here at Northeast Hunting, we admittedly were impressed with the concept. There’s no need to even hold this thing as you pin it to your clothing and then pin the tube up in an easy place where you can just grab it with a slight turn of your head. This is great for two reasons: First, it means that you can have your hands free for pulling your bow, or steadying your firearm or even adjusting your scope if you need to. Second, there was a nice 10-point buck with a spread that would make your mom cry that came in while we were bow hunting three years ago. We saw him just outside of our shooting lane and tried to grunt him in and, guess what, he came through in such a hurry we weren’t even able to get the shot off because by the time we drew back he was already on the move. With this device, that problem is completely eliminated.

There are many ways that this call is like so many other calls on the market: It has an adjustable tone and a flexible tube. It gives a nice, clear call that is audible from quite a distance away (and even farther for keen deer ears, no doubt) and it is easy to use.

But it surpasses anything else on the market for the reason stated above, and for being an inhaling grunt. Exhale grunts require plenty of practice to ensure that each time you use it you are giving the correct amount of air to create the correct pitch in the grunt. With the Bowgrunter Plus, you simply suck on the tube like you’re going to drink out of a straw. No matter how hard you inhale, you can’t change the pitch. It’s perfect from the first time you try it to each time you use it in the woods.

We don’t believe much in beating around the bush, so we’ll just say that you cannot and will not find a better grunt call on the market. You can spend as much as you want, or as little as you want, and we will say time and time again that A-Way’s Bowgrunter Plus is the one and only call that you should be buying. It’s easy to use, effective, hands free and designed to work right each and every time you use it.

The Bowgrunter Plus is available at most sporting goods retailers, or you can simply order it off of the A-Way website.

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