Apprentice Hunting License Now Available in New Hampshire

Posted by admin On February - 16 - 2012

Ever know someone who you knew would love hunting, if they ever took a chance and gave it a shot? Maybe you yourself are the one who has never hunted and you have always been curious what it is all about.

Well now is your chance. There is a new law in place that basically lets non-hunters ride along and try out hunting under the supervision of experienced hunters. The trial hunters won’t have to take an education course first. The Law that took effect on the first of 2012 lets people get a New Hampshire Apprentice Hunting License.

The Mechanics of It

  • Anyone holding an Apprentice Hunting License has to be with an actual licensed hunter who is at least 18 years old at all times. This means that the apprentice has to be within the hunter’s eyesight the whole time. The Apprentice Hunter License is exactly the same price as a standard hunting license but it can only be purchased from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Headquarters on Hazen Drive, or it can be purchased online at, in which case your license will come in the mail.
  • An apprentice hunting license can only be purchased a single time throughout a hunter’s life and it is good from the time it is purchased until the end of the year.
  • To hunt in the future you will have to complete either the bowhunter education course or the hunter education course just like everyone else and purchase the standard hunting license. You can sign up to take the education course of your choice at

The new hunting license offers an exciting experience to people who may have been apprehensive to take the plunge before. It mirrors the experience that young hunters get from the youth hunting program for older hunters.

New Hampshire has finally jumped on the bandwagon following behind 30 other states who already have an apprentice hunter program put in place. New Hampshire Fish and Game created a Frequently Asked Questions section on their site about the new license and you can view that here.

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