There was a legislation that was introduced into the Congress. This legislation could axe out what has come out to federal subsidies for the environmental extremist and even the animal rights communities of the area making this one of the biggest problems out of suing the US government.

The abuses from the EAJA have grown to become a serious conservation issue, and they are part of this destruction. They have had long term consequences because of their actions, and the costs that are associated with defending the lawsuits against the US Fish and Wildlife Service are unnecessary. This is putting a drain on conservation funding and anything to do with the wildlife.

They take the funding needed very seriously when it comes to showing the general public that it is not being wasted. They want to build up one of the most successful and prominent wildlife conservation system in the world with the new bill and hope that they get the funding and the community involved as well.

This is not the first attempt at getting this taken care of. They have hired two attorneys before to take care of this matter, but nothing has turned out in the end. This time they are hoping for a better outcome because they are reaching higher than before: to Congress.

They want to not only get the funding that is needed for the conservation projects, but they also want to return the taxpayers hard earned dollars that have been taken away from them. Since there are exemptions and loop holes, a lot of money can be donated from many different companies and corporations.

The fees that are being paid out for these expensive lawyers come from the sportsman fees and the tax dollars of citizens. Although, they are trying to get more from the process and not just leave everyone in the dark.

Wondering where your money is going too? This is because they are using it to fund a bigger, better system for the area in hopes that it will clean the area up, and they do not have to worry about anything in the end.

This is something that saves taxpayers dollars since they do not have to keep putting more money into the system without getting reimbursed either the money or by results from the efforts that are being done on the wildlife and conservation efforts.

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