Back to Maine we went

Posted by admin On August - 31 - 2009

This past weekend we were back in Maine, but didn’t do any hunting this time. Right now we are focused on finding a great spot to hunt coyote. Thanks to our new jeep and satellite images we are able to find places we have never seen before. Before I get into that I want to mention that I am continually trying to improve the website, so please let me know if you have any suggestions. Recently the site would have not looked the way it should unless you were viewing it in a wide screen resolution. The Northeast Hunting website will look different depending on your screens resolution, Internet browser you are using, and also how the site is made. Right now you should be able to view it correctly as I did the best I can to accommodate different resolutions and browsers. I am no web designer master so I can’t guarantee it will look perfect for everyone.

Now back to our weekend in Maine. Let me start with the perfect field we found for coyote hunting. First found it using google earth, not too close to any houses and very well isolated. We figured out how we would walk there using the satellite image and knew we would have to walk through another guys land. Down a snowmobile path and then onto a gravel road we found our way, took about 20 minutes. We didn’t know what to expect when we found it, but knew someone must own it and hopefully convince this person to let us hunt coyote there. Seeing this rare open field in this part of Maine was very exciting and we weren’t disappointed at all. It was wide open, relatively flat, and could see for a long way.

Then we found the posting signs which we expected and found the name of the guy who owns the land. So we were determined to find this guy and hopefully get permission to hunt his land. Once we were done scouting this field we headed back to the camp, got on the Internet, put in his name and got an address. After that drove right down to his house to see who it was. To make a long story short, he’s an older guy who lives with his wife, sold the land to his daughter, they go out there walking with the kids, dog and horses, and he doesn’t allow hunting. Another big no, very disappointing, can’t catch a break. Everyone complains about the coyotes, but no one will let you hunt them. I could probably go on all day bitching and moaning about this, but I’ll try not to.

Beside that big disappointment we continued to drive out to different areas looking for places to hunt. During the weekend we saw one of the biggest bull moose we had ever seen, plus many other moose and deer, both bucks and does, and turkeys to. Of course I have no photos or video, will try harder next time to capture them. Also went out at night to see what we could find with the spotlight since this was the last weekend till Dec 15th that you can illuminate wildlife. That time we spotted a few does and a small buck. Overall the weekend went well seeing many deer and moose, but the search continues for a great spot to hunt coyotes.

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