Baiting Coyotes

Posted by admin On September - 18 - 2009

I was not in Maine this past weekend but Alex was and did bring home some more positive news regarding coyote hunting. He and my father-in-law ran into a guy they know and he mentioned an area that he always sees at least two coyotes when he drives by. So obviously they went to check it out and as they were driving down this particular road, right on the side of the road within 20ft was a coyote starring back at them. If they only had a gun and camera I could have proven it to you, but they didn’t have any of those things. They said you could have gotten out of the jeep, loaded the gun, and taken a shot because he just starred at them for a bit. Of course this all happens when I don’t go, I had to stay home because of my job.

This same guy also mentioned that the field we found a couple weeks back that was posted by this one elderly gentleman, was half owned by another guy. So we have a possibility of hunting this field by this other owner, so I will let everyone know how that turns out. He also mentioned another field he knows and that he will ask permission for us. Some more good leads on hunting coyotes and hopefully with this we will start to add come yotes to our 2009 hunting season.

Over Labor Day weekend we started baiting this one site with meat fat/scraps that we get from the local grocery store butcher. Real nice guy and he gives us as much as we want for free. Apparently the meat is disappearing quite quickly which is a good sign, but we would like to have a trail camera so we can see what is actually feeding on it.

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