Let’s just start by saying that it doesn’t take long to realize that you’re not in a typical clothing store when you venture into Ball and Buck, the newly opened All-American men’s store that is situated at 3 Lewis Street in Boston.

Maybe it’s just the quality, American-made products you see as you enter. Or perhaps it’s how snappy, yet knowledgeable, the staff is. For us here at Northeast Hunting, it was actually the massive American flag, fronted by the head mount of a ram that is flanked by the long barrels of two American-made guns that gave us the clue.

That particular scene is the backdrop of your visit to Ball and Buck, but it’s hardly the end to it. Take a look around and you’ll see why this new store is the buzz about town. First and foremost, it’s nestled into an area that has become known for housing some of the most highly sought items in women’s fashion and not much in the way of men–especially men looking to find garments inspired by the great outdoors and core American values. It’s like mom’s homemade mac and cheese mixed with the art of skinning a bobcat–but a whole lot better looking.

This is the type of apparel you can be proud to wear, but you won’t have to admit it. Everyone is going to notice your taste as you walk down the street. Ball and Buck–named after the musket load that was made of a .69 caliber lead ball and three buckshot pellets that was popular in the American Revolution and Civil War–has already gathered a full line of attention, and not just at the local level.

The company’s signature pocket tees, which you can snag in both v-neck and regular cuts, were featured in Manhattan during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. These shirts are both intriguing and, yet, fashionable at the same time. Made of cotton with a unique patterned pocket on the chest, these t-shirts are booming in popularity. Perhaps it’s because of their $38 price tag–considered a steal when compared to most high-end shirts of the same quality.

For those who just aren’t looking for new tees, fear not: Ball and Buck has just about anything you’re looking for. Button-down shirts? Check. Cologne? Check (even the kind President John F. Kennedy wore). Sunglasses? Yup. Let’s not forget jeans, ties, leather wallets (the hand-made variety), tweed jackets and, yes, hand cream. Oh, and that’s far from the end of the list. If you want something fashionable to wear, or fashionable to accessorize with or just something fashionable, then Ball and Buck has it.

In this day and age where the economy is struggling along, trying to find a way to reignite and help this country lift off once again, it’s refreshing to see a company so dedicated to the American-made product. If that weren’t enough, the goal of the company is to one day open a factory that their website states they will fill “with honest Americans, the ones who craft with their hands. We will pay them honest wages, supply them with great benefits and help to enrich their lives.”

If we weren’t sold before, we are now. Besides being firm believers in American-made products, we’re also of the belief that a hand-made product will outlive one made by machine and be of much higher quality. So what if a factory filled full of automation can punch out triple the product? We’ll take the same road as Ball and Buck and pick the product that will last four times as long.

If you haven’t visited the store yet, make a point of doing so. And buy something. Support your fellow workers and their families. In doing so, you’re not only helping keep America and companies like Ball and Buck great, but they are helping keep America, and you, beautiful.


Ball and Buck
North End Store
3 Lewis St.
Boston, MA 02109

Store Hours:
Tuesday-Friday: 11am-9pm
Saturday: 10am-9pm
Sunday: 12pm-5pm

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