It isn’t very often we talk about a new gun that is on the market. First and foremost, we hardly ever get a chance to try out all of the new products, and, frankly, the ones that do come out that we get a look at don’t often offer anything more than the models already on the market.

But, we can’t say the same thing about Benelli’s new “Super Vinci.” The brand new gun, designed to handle 3 ½-inch magnum loads, is built off the revolutionary Vinci that the company developed. The new shotgun is built with Benelli’s In-Line Inertia Driven system, which allows the weapon to reliably chamber light 2 ¾-inch loads up to the 3 ½-inch shells.

“We’re very pleased to add the Vinci’s revolutionary design concept to the Super Vinci,” said Stephen McKelvain, vice president of Benelli USA Marketing & Communications. “This logical next step has been anticipated from the moment the original Vinci was first introduced. The Super Black Eagle was the world’s original 3½-inch Magnum, and the Super Vinci is now the ultimate 3½-inch Magnum.”

The Super Vinci features Practical Speed Performance™ (PSP). This is the practical “speed” shooters dream and is all about how fast you can shoulder the gun, acquire the target, shoot and then recover from the recoil to prepare for the next shot.

Precise instruments developed by Benelli measure and create graphs that illustrate the total recoil of the Super Vinci against its competitors. Other guns have peak recoil that’s as much as 15 percent greater than the Super Vinci’s. But, more significantly, the total felt-recoil of the competitors’ guns is as much as 22 percent more. Combine the In-Line Inertia Driven® action with superior balance, light weight, reduced recoil and minimal muzzle climb and the shooter experiences the real timeline of performance speed where the Super Vinci has no equal.

Like the original Vinci, the superbly balanced Super Vinci embodies all the features that make this latest Benelli semi-auto the most reliable, softest kicking, fastest shooting, lightweight 3½-inch Magnum shotgun in the world. Its unique modular design makes it the easiest shotgun in the world to assemble and disassemble for cleaning, maintenance, storage and transportation.

So, in short, the Super Vinci is the shotgun of tomorrow–it just happens to be available today. If you’re looking to get a new 12-gauge to hunt with, then you simply cannot go wrong with the Benelli Super Vinci.

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