Best of the Best: Hunting Boots

Posted by admin On May - 16 - 2011

When it comes to hunting in the Northeast, there is one thing that is for certain no matter what location you’re hunting in—you have to be prepared for the weather.

We certainly agree with that idea and try to do our best to prepare when we go out. Yet, as is common here, those who predict the weather are not always on the money. So, what’s a hunter to do?

We here at Northeast Hunting don’t have an answer when it comes how to be prepared for every eventuality, but we can say that there is one way to stay a step ahead of Mother Nature, and that’s with a darn good hunting boot.

The market is just flooded with boots claiming to be the best and, obviously, we haven’t been able to try them all. But, out of the boots we have been able to try, we’ve compiled a list of the five best.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. Muck Boots Woody Elite Stealth Premium Hunting Boot: The original Muck Boot is pretty well respected throughout the hunting community, and the Woody Elite takes what is best about it and makes it better. It comes with scent-masking technology, a rubber outsole and, of course, it’s 100-percent waterproof right up to the top—which is 17 inches tall. In addition, it comes with a nice Mossy Oak pattern to help keep your feet camouflaged, too.

2. Columbia Sportswear Mossy Oak Camo Mid-Calf Boot: The nicest thing about these boots, other than the fact that they, too, carry the Mossy Oak concealment pattern on them, is they are extremely comfortable. It grips well, even on slippery and wet surfaces, and it breathes nice. The downside? Well, it’s a brand name that has earned more Yuppie status than being known for great hunting gear, and it doesn’t do so great in wet situations.

3. LaCrosse Brawny II Thinsulate Hunting Boot: Let’s see, not only does this boot make sure that you’re not slipping and sliding while you’re wandering through the woods, it is also extremely versatile and capable no matter where you go hunting. This is our boot of choice when heading into other areas of the country to do any hunting too. Why? It was designed to be able to withstand a strike from most venomous snakes, making it a must when stalking through the warmer climates of the U.S.

4. Itasca Cascade Thermolite Lined Hunting Boot: Hey, we’re not going to run into many situations where we have to worry about snakes up here, but we do have to worry about cooler weather, rain and sometimes downright miserable conditions. Istaca’s Cascade hunting boot steps up and doesn’t fail in these situations and is designed to last, no matter what terrain you’re taking them across. With a removable liner, they are great for the colder days as well as while you’re just out and about and the weather is nothing to be worried about.

5. Bogs Men’s Classic High New Break-Up Boot: Waterproof? Check. Comfortable? Check. Odor resistant? Check. What’s more is that Bogs’ hunting boot is also anti-fungal, which makes it great for those spring and fall hunts when the dampness always wants to get in and permeate everything you’re wearing. What’s also nice is that they are the second-most comfortable boot on this list behind those by Columbia, making it the most well-rounded of the bunch.


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