Hanging on the wall at my father’s house is a set of antlers that were mounted by my grandfather. A 12-point buck with a rack that starts half as thick as an adult man’s wrist and tapers with tines that end as thick as the same man’s index finger.

I love that rack. I always have, even as a child when that trophy hung on my grandfather’s wall before his passing 12 years ago.

They used to tell me stories about the deer that was attached to those antlers. It was a monster buck, born in the northern swamps of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. My grandfather, who had settled there as a logger after World War II, had come across the dropped antlers of that deer two years running before ever actually laying eyes on it. When he finally did witness the deer, it was over the iron sites of his rifle. My grandfather didn’t miss.

Both he and my dad regaled me with tales of the buck and how it took my grandfather and two of his oldest sons taking turns to drag it out of the forest and home. To this day my father, who has hundreds of deer to his credit through bow, rifle and muzzle loading seasons, admits he’s never seen a deer that large in person again.

Back then, especially in rural northern Michigan, the idea of preserving a trophy such as that was unheard of. No one really knew how, and no one knew anyone who could.

Thankfully, times have changed in that aspect of the hunting world. Creating a life-long treasure from a trophy hunt or fishing trip is as simple as picking up the phone.

The number we here at Northeast Hunting call is to the folks over at Moment in Time Taxidermy, located in Acworth, New Hampshire. Quite simply, they are the best in business and we swear by their product.

Every trophy that comes from Moment in Time is instantly display worthy and will trump any other taxidermy you may have in your home. Why? Attention to detail, is one, and quality of work is the other.

Located in the mountains of New Hampshire, Moment in Time is the perfect location for wildlife enthusiasts to bring their trophies to be mounted. Not only do they have years of taxidermy experience, the folks at Moment in Time are perfectionists who handle each trophy as if it were their own.

They can do any mount, from shoulder, life-size and European. They also do habitat mounts, rugs and flat-skin tanning to meet any of your needs.

Keith Brodeur and Bill Willette aren’t just taxidermists, either. They’re “wildlife artists.” It shows in the work they do. Between them they are working on two decades of experience mounting everything from fish to fowl to small game to the monster big game.

Both Brodeur and Willette are classically-trained in the art of taxidermy as well and the trophies they mount have garnered plenty of attention, winning both artists awards throughout the course of their careers.

If you’re looking to mount that special trophy, there is simply no better place to have your work done than Moment in Time. They are the best in the business and it shows.

For the prices of their animal mounts, you can go here. For pricing on birds and fish, go here.  The following drop off points are also available for your convenience, and have freezers, paperwork, pricing and all information needed for processing your trophy.

Kittery Trading Post

301 US Rte 1
Kittery, Maine 03904

Al’s Gun & Reel
5 Linwood Avenue
Derry, New Hampshire 03038

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