Catch .22 Assures Clean Ammo With Safe And Easy Reloading

Posted by admin On March - 25 - 2010

There are few designs on rifles that have impressed me as much as a tube fed .22. It looks good, it makes sense and it allows for plenty of room in your magazine.

Obviously the folks over at Marble Arms, known for their outstanding gun sights, thought the same thing when they came up with the idea of the Catch .22.

Basically the Catch .22 is a storage unit and dispenser that holds 50 rounds of .22 LR ammo. Unlike other storage devices, the Catch .22 makes reloading a tube style magazine an absolute cinch.

Instead of having to drop one in at a time with your fingers, risking missing the magazine and sending a shell falling to the ground to get grimy and dirty, the Catch .22 allows you to simply slide the lid to one of the 10 staggered, top loading holes that holds five rounds.

You simply line that hole up with your tubular magazine and dump them in. If you need more, slide the lid, which is grooved to fit around the hole perfectly, to the next hole and repeat the process.

As many of you know, when you are out target shooting you can go through a slew of .22 shells in a hurry (especially for those lovely semi automatics), so having 50 at your side makes the day a little easier.

Transporting them is simple, too, thanks to a handy belt clip. I tested this pretty well, jumping up and down, shifting side to side, and trying to knock it off with the movement of my arm and by crouching down. It literally took me crawling on the floor and purposely trying before the Catch .22 popped off. Pretty darn reliable, I would say.

Marble Arms cut no corners in the design of this product either. They called on renowned designer Blackie Collins to create the product. It was a smart move. The Catch .22 is ergonomic and just feels right when you are holding it.

It is designed for ease of use and ease of putting back on your belt. I successfully loaded, fired, loaded, fired and loaded my rifle without having to set down the gun completely.

That is a beautiful thing, especially when I think back to how many times I have dropped shells or ripped those lovely little cardboard boxes the ammo comes in.

His design keeps the bullets absolutely in perfect condition. I filled up several tubes and dropped the Catch .22 in several locations: snow, dirt and even mud. Not a single bullet ended up getting messy and the lid did not move an inch unless I wanted it to.

My daughter, who is eight years old, is getting her first .22 this year (shhhhh… do not tell her as it is a surprise) and I already have a Catch .22 set aside for her. For any parent who wants their child to safely handle their ammunition or any hunter who wants to do the same, we recommend the Catch .22.

The best part about it? This great little piece of equipment sells for under $10. You can find a list of Marble Arms distributors here, or you can just buy one here from Brownells.

About the author:
Sam Eggleston is a freelance writer and an avid hunter. When he is not at his computer writing up articles, he can be found in the great outdoors, enjoying everything it has to offer. Eggleston has been a professional writer for over 10 years. During this time he has been a journalist for such notable companies as Gannett Newspapers and Morris Communications. He has been a full time freelance writer for the past two years, working for companies like AOL and Northeast Hunting.

His love of hunting came from his father, Mark, who taught him starting at a young age the importance and responsibility of being a sportsman, a tradition Eggleston hopes to pass on to his daughter. He can be reached at for comments, questions or story suggestions.

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