Hunting Gear Reviews

I’d be remiss if I didn’t begin this review with a caveat: my family, for four generations now, has rifle and bow hunted the Northern Maine woods. No, to preempt the questions from most of you “Flatlanders” and “People from ‘Away,’” I’m not talking about the woods outside of Portland. I mean real Northern Maine, specifically the northeast side of Moosehead Lake, about four hours north of the border. (I know that my fellow Mainers from even further north will chide me here, but I hope they’ll understand nonetheless.)

I’m betting that my wife would have loved for me to get a Songbird Clear a long time ago. It seems that when I have it in my ear I have no choice but to listen to what she has to say–mostly because it sounds like she’s standing six inches away from me when she talks.

I’m going to be honest and open when I say that my hunting buddies–mostly my cousins and uncles–are pretty jealous whenever I bring a new product to test out during our get-togethers and hunting trips.

We here at Northeast Hunting have tried Costa Del Mar sunglasses before, and been pretty impressed with their attention to detail, quality and the plain old usefulness of each pair.