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Road Signs to Help Maine’s Endangered Turtles

Augusta, Maine – Late May through early July in southern Maine is a critical period when female turtles undertake risky overland forays to reach nesting areas. During this time, turtles often cross roads, sometimes with fatal consequences. In response, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) and The Nature Conservancy are cooperating to install new road signs warning motorists of endangered turtle road crossing locations in the towns of Wells, South Berwick and York with the hope of reducing collisions with two of the states rarest species. For more….


2012 Moose Lottery Festival Schedule of Events

Press Releases. Maine, N.H. VT., NY, PA, NJ

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2011 Brook Trout Pond Survey an Overwhelming Success!

Project to continue and expand in 2012 Falmouth, Maine – Two conservation groups and the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife are seeking volunteer anglers to survey remote ponds for brook trout this fishing season. This will be the second year anglers can help Maine Audubon, Trout Unlimited and state biologists gather data on which ponds in western and northern Maine are inhabited by wild brook trout. In addition, a team of biologists will be conducting “new pond surveys” on more than 40 ponds where brook trout were caught or observed by volunteer anglers in 2011. For more…

The Vermont Board took a vote to increase the black bear hunting opportunities in the area.  This means that during early season bear tagging, there will be proposed changes to the normal bear hunting routine.