I don’t know how many times I’ve either wished I had a flashlight on me so I didn’t have to walk back to the truck to get one, or stayed out later than I should have an wished I had one for the walk back to the truck.

Thankfully, Coghlan’s read my mind (or just had a good idea themselves) and created their micro-lantern. The concept is exactly what just jumped into your mind: A small lantern that you can attach to a key chain, the zipper on your jacket or coat or even to your dog’s collar. Thankfully, however, this isn’t a regular lantern, so you don’t have to put fuel in it to keep it running, but rather batteries.

But, hey, you’re probably thinking there are 100s of little keychain flashlights on the market that you can buy. Sure, there are, but a few select differences set Coghlan’s micro-lantern apart.
During our review, we discovered that compared to three other keychain flashlights we picked up (one at Gander Mountain, one at Walmart and one at a gas station), Coghlan’s illumination alone made it stand apart. This thing can light up an area at least 6 feet around it, making it ideal for walking at night.

Obviously, being a pocket-size light, it doesn’t have the candle-power to track down a blood trail in the middle of the night with, but for a casual walk back from hunting, or even trying to see under the hood of your truck or illuminating an area so you can find something you lost the micro-lantern is perfect.

Another quality function is the flashing beacon. If you press the power button on the Coghlan’s micro-lantern a second time, it begins flashing, making it a great device to signal with if you get lost. It’s bright enough that it can be easily picked up from quite a distance away, and it runs for what seems like forever. I turned on the light alone and it ran for 20 hours without dying. According to the documentation with the micro-lantern, it is designed to run for 24 hours with constant illumination.

If there were any cons to this device, it would be that I twice accidently had it flashing in my pocket. To say it made for an interesting moment both times when it was nice women who pointed it out. Of course, I did land a phone number from one of them, who apparently thought I was funny. The truth is, I had the micro-lantern piled on a key chain with about two dozen keys, so the pressure it was forced to endure was likely the cause.

Overall, I’d buy another of these Coghlan’s micro-lanterns just to have handy on my ice-fishing coat or attached to my keychain. They’re bright, they’re light and they’re affordable. You can get it for just over $5 here. For more information about Coghlan’s and their products, visit their website.

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