Costa Del Mar’s 580 Lenses Best on the Market

Posted by admin On June - 24 - 2010

If there’s one thing that makes a wonderful transition from fishing to hunting, it’s the sunglasses.

Fishing optics has gotten it right over the years: Great-looking lenses that have the ability to disperse light and even out the contrast between the well-lit and the well-shadowed areas.

Some companies stand out above the others, and when it comes to sunglasses there are just companies that have rivals only in the upper echelons. One of those companies is Costa Del Mar.

Known primarily for their amazing fishing sunglasses that come in just about every shape and size and color, Costa Del Mar does have a few possibilities that fit into the world of hunting. One of those is the Blackfin Gunmetal Silver Costa 580. These sunglasses, to state it as plainly as possible, are the single best I’ve ever worn in my life.

I was floored the first time I ever put them on, watching as bright, shimmering white surfaces in the noonday sun turned to even light sources while sharp shadows were lightened to the point of being able to see into them clearly. I could instantly understand why they would be so popular with anglers across the globe, and it didn’t take me long to find some useful applications for hunting.

These glasses really made it simple to see movement in darker areas of the forests, and it evened out the light well enough that I picked up some rabbits sitting under brush when I went for a walk recently. Those same rabbits, I have not a doubt, would have been spooked by me long before I noticed them and was able to get a gun up to my shoulder.

I can’t explain the physics behind the way the light is refracted or dispersed or whatnot when it comes to the Blackfin Gunmetal Silver Costa 580 sunglasses, but I can tell you that they are an amazing product. Costa Del Mar can explain the science.

Because I like to cast a few lines in the water, too, I took the Costa 580s out on the boat for some walleye fishing recently. Everything was sharper. Clearer. The structures beneath the waves were easily recognized. And, you know what, there are fish under there.

I ended up hauling in my limit on walleye. It was a great day on the boat. It was an even nicer meal that night.

While I have the silver polarized lenses, Costa Del Mar isn’t shy about letting you pick your favorite colors. Lenses come in copper, gray, blue and green in addition to the silver. And the Blackfins are far from the only frames available. From aviators to more modern looks, they have them all.

I’ll admit that the sunglasses aren’t for everyone. With a $249 price tag as the suggested retail price, it may not fit into the shades budget for some. But the glasses are worth every penny, I must say, and if you decide to get a pair you’ll agree.

They are, in my opinion, the best sunglasses you can own, be it for fishing, boating, hunting, driving, traveling or just lounging about your backyard. The Costa 580 lenses are great.

You can get them for $200 here, or at Amazon for $249.

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