Coyote Senses

Posted by admin On August - 4 - 2009

This Thursday through Saturday we will attempt to outwit the wily coyote and hopefully have a little bit of luck on our side. Can we overcome their three most powerful senses, smell, vision, and hearing? I would say it’s between their smell and vision that are the most important to overcome as well as the most difficult. If I was to rank these in order of importance, first would be smell, then vision, and then their hearing. I could be perfectly still, but once the coyote gets a hold of my scent I’ve lost the battle. Also, I do not need to be within sight or hearing distance for him to know that I am around.

Wind direction will play an important factor as we wait and try to call a coyote in for a kill. As a general rule of thumb remember to have the wind in your face, and hope the coyote was not approaching from the rear to begin with. We will do what we can and hope for the best.

Soon I will share some photos and reviews of my rifle and camo clothing that I hunt with. Also, I now have broadband access in Maine and can now update everyone with my laptop computer. Alex will also be sharing with everyone his experience from last year of the deer he killed which won him an award in Massachusetts. Keep an eye out over this next week for updates.

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