CRKT’s Wrangell Range Knife is a Thing of Beauty

Posted by admin On June - 11 - 2010

Ever have a knife that’s almost too pretty to use out in the field? That’s kind of how I feel about my Columbia River Knife and Tool’s Wrangell Range knife.

Not only is it the prettiest knife I’ve ever owned, it’s so nicely built that I just don’t want to scratch it up or chip it by using it with the same rigor and determination I’ve come to use my knives with.

But, then again, what good’s a knife you’re not going to use?

The CRKT Wrangell Range is the type of knife I grew up wanting. It’s a fixed blade with about 3 ½ inches of length on the sharpened steel and about 7 ¾ inches for the full length. It doesn’t weigh much, a little over five ounces or so and comes with a beautiful leather sheath with a strongly-stitched belt loop.

When I brought this knife out for testing, I didn’t go out after big game or out fishing like I have in the past. Instead, I drove about an hour from my home and to my dad’s house. I handed the knife over to him and he promptly unsheathed it, looked it over and then wandered outside to his work shed. There, just like the days when I was a kid, we skinned out a beaver.

My dad always said that a knife you can use to skin out a beaver is a knife you can use anywhere. You can gut a deer. You can cut rope. You can even do some carving on succulent cooked meat.

Not only did the Wrangell Range skin the beaver with ease and accuracy, it stayed firm in my grip despite the grease from the animal’s fat as I worked between the meat and the furry hide. It didn’t slip. I didn’t have to keep wiping my hand off to keep it secure in my palm. It just stayed where I wanted it from start to finish.

From there, after giving it a quick cleaning, I took it out and helped my dad cut a measuring stick for some logs he was heading out to the woods to harvest. I even used it to sharpen a pencil for my nephew when his lead broke while outside doing some homework after school.

The knife didn’t get the luxury of having its field testing stop there. Instead, I took it camping with me the following weekend. I cleared away some branches away from my tent site, pried open a can that had the tab break on it and even used it to gut my perch I caught for dinner. To top it off, I even used it to sharpen a stick so I could cook some marshmallows for s’mores with my daughter later that night.

In short, the CRKT Wrangell Range did everything I wanted it to do and it’s still as pretty as the day I took it out of the package. Of course, it’s not going to be my everyday carrying knife–I use a folding knife for that–but it’s earned a place on the dresser with my favorite knives of all time. It’s solidly built, it’s great to look at and it performs. Frankly, you can’t ask for much more out of anything in life.

The Wrangell Range is available for just under $100 through Amazon with free shipping, or at Travel Country for around $75, though when I looked it indicated there was just one more left at that price. No matter if you get it on sale or for regular price, the Wrangell Range is a great knife. You’re just going to find yourself having trouble using it in the field when another, much uglier, knife will suffice.

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