Custom Rifle Camouflage

Posted by admin On August - 18 - 2009

Soon I hope to start work on some custom camouflage for my rifle since I have had no luck with anything else. I had last mentioned I was going to try a rifle ghillie wrap, and that definitely didn’t work out the way I had hoped. If I was set up in a fixed location with my bi-pod set up then it might have worked well for a quick cover up. As is in most cases with hunting this is not the case. However I did understand this before hand and was hoping to wrap it around my rifle tightly. In the end it was too much of a pain in the ass and I didn’t want anything in the way of any functioning parts on the rifle, i.e. bolt action, trigger, scope.

I guess I should also mention this ghillie wrap was also lost on the last hunting trip. Now I won’t mention any names but he happens to be the other contributor to Northeast Hunting. Anyways not a big deal, so moving on. I have a family member who will be helping me construct some custom rifle camouflage for my Remington rifle. This way I know it will fit and I can have it made the way that I see best. The pattern I intend to use is Realtree AP, which is the same camo I have on my lightweight gloves and boonie. The rest of the camo that I have is Realtree Hardwoods, and these are the two types that I like to use.

So I plan on making camouflage pieces just like the ones you can purchase from Beartooth Products. It will consist of a total of 4 pieces, barrel, foregrip, scope and stock. When they are completed I will be able to explain the different pieces and how they were contructed in relation to the ones from Beartooth products. The .22 rifle we currently have has this camo on it which is because it didn’t work that well on my larger tactical .308 rifle. Please let me know if there is any interest in these products for yourself. If enough interest is generated I’ll see what I can do about making some for our readers.

One last thing, I have a tactical rifle that has a floating barrel. Remember that if you wrap anything around the barrel and foregrip you defeat the purpose of the floating barrel. In hunting situations probably not a big deal, but in the tactical/target/competition world it will matter.

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