This is a big reminder for those deer hunters out there that want to make sure they have their applications in on time!

The Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (DFW) wants to make sure to remind all those deer hunters out there that in order to take any antlerless deer during any season for deer hunting, they have to possess a deer permit for the antlerless deer that they want to hunt for.

The deadline is approaching fast, and any applications that are postmarked after the deadline will not be accepted by the DFW. They also go on to remind deer hunters that they should take caution, and refrain from purchasing large amounts of over the counter permits.

This is because over the counter permits can be available and sent out in the early fall season.

You can apply for your antlerless deer permit through the internet, if you have an internet license than you have to first access the MassFishHunt website by going to and make sure to apply accordingly and before the deadline is up!

Anyone that is not an online license holder cannot apply for the permits through this website. Only those that possess online licenses may. The license holders that have non electronic licenses that were purchased over the counter can find the permit application for the antlerless deer right at the bottom of their license.

You can send it in by mail, or drop the application off at the Mass Wildlife Field headquarters in Westborough in person. Any hunter that applies through the mail should double and even triple check all the information on the application before mailing it in to be approved.

Any applications sent out or post marked after the deadline will not be accepted. Bear permits are also on the same deadline, and are available through the internet for direct purchase for those that possess online licenses.

Those that do not have an electronic license will have to wait for the mass mailing of bear permit applications to come and apply for the permits. Only those that are licensed online can apply for the permits online.

Make sure to get your permits on time, and your applications sent in. You always want to stay safe on your hunts, and make sure that you’re up to standards when it comes to licenses, tags, and permits when out hunting the great outdoors of Mass.

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