Last year Connecticut hunters had the chance to hear one of the most exciting tid bits of news that the Department of Environmental Protection announced in awhile for the upcoming fall deer hunting season.

This news was that the hunters of the area have the option to use a revolver to hunt deer on private land that has 10 or more acres on it. This only goes for the private land, and not the state lands out there however.

The change came along with the new law or also known as PA 10-99 that was brought about in 2010. The agency then approved this new gun law for Connecticut in September of 2010.

Family or landowners that hunt on their own private land that has 10 or more acres on it during the actual deer season where rifles and shotguns are allowed can also use handguns and revolvers. This includes anyone hunting on private land of 10 or more acres with the permission of the owner as well.

A $5 license must be obtained for this purpose however through the DEP licensing system online or through other means in the area.

Some of the important conditions to remember for hunters include, but are not limited to:

  • The endorsement for the revolver to be used on deer is only valid if it is used in conjunction with a Free Landowner Permit that is also valid, or a valid Residential Private Land Shotgun or Rifle Permit for hunting.
  • All of the regular State Pistol laws and permits pertain to the hunters that are using revolvers during their hunt. They still have to abide by the handgun rules and regulations.
  • A Private Land Consent Form must be filled out by a landowner for a hunter to use their revolver while hunting on the private land.
  • Wearing orange, tagging, and reporting are all still in effect for those hunters using revolvers. The gun has changed not the hunting rules and regulations.
  • If hunting in two different Permit lands, you still only need one Revolver Deer Endorsement in order to hunt on the private land. Two separate endorsements are not necessary.
  • The revolver that is used has to be less than 12 inches in length for the barrel, and must be a .357 caliber or larger in order to hunt with it. Single shot and semi automatic pistols are not permitted while hunting.
  • All revolvers have to be carried openly, and cannot be concealed while hunting or roaming about the land.

With this new endorsement for the revolver, it just means that the hunter can use something other than the rifle or muzzleloader that they originally use. It does not give the hunter special days or bag limits for deer.

It is also not a substitute for the state pistol permit. This permit is required by Connecticut law to carry a pistol or revolver around with you. The two different permits are entirely different, and cannot be used for the same purposes.

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