Deer Season 2009!

Posted by admin On October - 4 - 2009

Deer season 2009 is almost upon us. Its hard to believe another year has gone by and its time to start cleaning the rifles and brushing up on our hunting skills again. Today I set up my climbing tree stand on a piece of State owned land that abuts a nice field. Bow season in Ma opens next Monday and I can’t wait. The area where I have set up is in the back corner of a wildlife piece that abuts private land. We have been seeing deer in the field all summer long and for the past two weeks we have been seeing a real nice buck, he is either a 8 or a real large 6 pointer with a big body. The area that the stand has been placed is the area that the deer seem to run back to every time a car stops on the adjacent road. I will let you know how opening day of bow season goes and if things work out well I hope to get some video of the deer possibly with Dave’s help.

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