Don’t Miss Out on Antlerless Deer Applications

Posted by admin On August - 13 - 2010

There are two different kinds of hunters out there: Those who hunt for the trophies and those who hunt for the meat.

The former are very picky, looking for that rack that they just don’t have yet. Maybe it’s that elusive 11 points, or a deer with a drop tine, or forked brow tines. No matter what it is, the trophy hunter is after one thing: A nice rack.

The latter, however, knows that no matter how long you boil antlers for, you still can’t eat them. They are out there hunting with the purpose of putting food on the table for their family and a nice surplus in the freezer for use throughout the year. It’s the hunter who wants to feed themselves that should take a moment to see if they are in an antlerless deer hunting zone, district or unit and, if so, when the deadline for application is.

Antlerless deer applications throughout the Northeast states tend to be ongoing right now, but they do not last long and have a quickly approaching deadline. For example, Vermont’s deadline is August 26, just two weeks away.

This is just a friendly reminder for those hunters who aren’t looking for a trophy and who don’t mind taking a doe to take a moment and check with their state department of fish and game and see if there is an antlerless hunt this year, where it is at and what the deadline for application is.

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