F.A. Seeds’ – Hunter’s Gun Pack Review

Posted by admin On December - 8 - 2010

My opportunity to review this product couldn’t have come at a better time: I was just about to depart on our yearly week-long family hunting trip up in Northern Maine, and I hadn’t cleaned my gun thoroughly since January.

I have a three-year-old bolt-action Remington 700 series .30-06 SPRG synthetic stock, with a Bushnell 71-3495R scope; my strap is synthetic black foam to match, too, so I was a bit ashamed to see that I wouldn’t have any use for either the Merit Leather Conditioner (“Preserves, strengthens, cleans and beautifies your leather hunting accessories”) or the Seeds’ Wood Dressing (“Cleans, nourishes and protects your stock and grips and any other wood paraphernalia”).

Thus, I figured I’d bring the Hunter’s Gun Pack up with me to the hunting camp, so that others in my party could give it a try and provide some feedback for these particular elements of the pack.

My comments in the previous review (F.A. Seeds’ Pocket and Hunting Knife Care Kit) regarding the packaging and presentation are echoed here: I love the simplicity, the traditional style of both the bottle labels and even the cardboard box itself. Again, I still feel that the box’s flimsiness points to a transience that really undermines the tenets of the F.A. Seeds’ company and their mission statement (‘Caring for your finest possessions since 1883’), and wish that it was perhaps wood, or crafted plastic, something…

The red plastic bottle plugs were still embarrassingly difficult to pop open, and again I succeeded in spilling some Merit Gun Solvent (“Pleasantly scented, a technological breakthrough in gun solvents. A superior bore cleaner you can use indoors without filling your home with the smell of solvent”) on my carpet. They really need to make it easier to get at these things. Still, staying true to its description, the gun solvent didn’t stink up our camp, and it performed BEAUTIFULLY. I didn’t realize how much crud had accumulated in my bore over the past year or so, but after two ram-rods’ worth of wadding soaked in the solvent, my barrel was crystal-clear.

I followed the solvent with two runs of Merit Gun Oil (“The finest all weather gun oil, rates excellent in rust prevention and pours at -95 degrees. The best protection for your sporting firearms”), and applied this to my bolt as well. It didn’t feel very viscous, poured easily, and distributed itself evenly over all surfaces applied.

The oil proved to be fairly aromatic, though, and didn’t lose any of its fragrant fortitude even after leaving my gun out all night. My only critique of this product, then, would be that it’s probably TOO smelly (not in a bad way at all—in fact it’s kind of fruity and crisp and pleasant) to use for cleanings DURING a hunting trip: the deer catch a good whiff of that downwind and they surely won’t confuse it with any natural smell before they bound away through the brush.

My brother used both the Merit Leather Conditioner and the Seeds’ Wood Dressing on his heritage Winchester .308, giving nothing but positive feedback, particularly for the absorbance and finish of the wood dressing. He, too, had trouble opening the bottles… just saying.

I would probably buy this kit again, and estimate that I’ll still get about ten to twelve cleanings out of the remaining product; all in all a pretty great buy at just shy of twenty dollars!

PROS: Gun solvent works perfectly; wood dressing is top-notch; gun oil smells pretty

CONS: Bottles difficult to open; flimsy cardboard packaging; gun oil smells pretty…STRONG

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