First whitetail deer of the season!

Posted by admin On October - 17 - 2009

So Alex was not in Maine but was hunting in MA today and was able to harvest the first deer of the season with his new bow. From what I hear it was a nice spikehorn deer which is a male deer with a single antler. Any deer we can harvest is a success in our book, as we do not have the luxury of picking from a large population of mature bucks. I am sure he will share how this hunt went down and we will post some pictures as soon as we can.

I was only able to drive around today in the jeep and came across two moose, seven grouse, and some coyote tracks. It would have been nice to actually do some hunting, but at least I had some time to get out. Sunday mornings would be a great time to hunt except for that one pesky law. Below I have added another picture from hunting over the summer in an area we tried a few times.

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