Five Apps for the Outdoorsman

Posted by admin On January - 30 - 2012

If you’re anything like we are here at Northeast Hunting, you find yourself dragging your cell phone out into the woods with you a lot more than you’d probably like (sure, it’s nice to have the added security and ability to get in touch, but sometimes it’s just nice to detach completely, you know?).

Well, if you’re going to be bringing it, you might as well make it work for you.

Here are five hunting apps for your smartphone that will actually be useful while you’re out in the woods.

iSonular Hunting & Fishing Times

This little application is designed to give hunters and anglers all the information they need when it comes to keeping track of the best time for going out into the field. Using data that is retrieved from the US Naval observatory, the application allows users access to specific information for their location regarding sunrises, sunsets and even the best feeding and activity periods throughout the day.

Primos Hunting Calls

Hunting calls can be the difference in a successful hunt and one that leaves you empty handed. That’s why Primos, making of some darn fine equipment and calls, created this app to let you, as they say, “speak the language.” There are over 20 interactive calls on the app, which allows you to call for waterfowl, deer, elk, predators and even turkeys, as well as some “specialty” sounds that will help hunters customize their calling.

Hunting Light & Blood Tracker

Let’s be honest and say up front that we haven’t actually tried this app out in the woods yet, but it is designed to help hunters with improved visibility in all lighting conditions. The app has a green light that helps with night vision, while the blue light helps define green objects (often blended in with the woods around you) and white is for, well, lighting the area. The app also has a “blood tracking filter” which is designed, they say, to enhance the visibility of blood so you can follow the trail when tracking. With how small the smartphone screens typically are, this might be better suited for the hunter who brings their iPad out to the blind…

SAS Survival Guide

It’s always important to be prepared when you’re heading into the woods, be it for a simple scout, a hike or for an all-day or overnight hunt. The SAS Survival Guide, written by a former Special Air Service soldier, provides information on safety and survival and includes a detailed photo gallery that includes a variety of photos to help you stay safe in the woods (is that mushroom poisonous? Let’s check the photos!). In addition, there is a signaling device and a compass. Having this handy might just save a life one day.

Bug Spray

It’s winter right now, so there’s really no way to try this out and see if it is legit, but the idea is an interesting one nonetheless. This app is designed to emit high-frequency tones that won’t bother you one bit but are apparently vicious for bugs, thus repelling them. The ultrasonic tones are well above what humans can typically here, but remember that it doesn’t mean the animals you are out hunting can’t hear them. Probably best used on hikes and maybe while fishing.

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