Flambeau Outdoors Unveils a Boom Box of a Turkey Call

Posted by admin On August - 25 - 2011

It’s almost hard to believe that we’re so close to fall already. It seems like just a few short weeks ago that the snow stopped falling and the chilly temperatures dissipated. Of course, in some parts of the Northeast, that might not be so far from the truth.

Joke as we might, it doesn’t change the fact that fall is almost here. And with fall comes plenty of hunting opportunities. One such season that has our full attention is turkey hunting, which is always a great time to have in the fall.

And while we still have a few weeks before we have to clean up the shotguns and test our shooting skills, it’s not a bad idea to sit back and consider some of the accessories that you might be taking with you into the woods.

For us, the hardest choice to make is which turkey call we want to try out. Being that we try to test a variety of products for our readers, we don’t typically use the same call twice. Which is why we are considering trying out the MAD Boom Box by Flambeau Outdoors.

The new box call is being touted as “blaring,” “lightweight and portable” and packing “the megawatts necessary to reach out and grab that Old Tom.”

The key, it seems, is the cherry paddle that is built onto the top of the one-piece box design.

“We created the Boom Box as a high-quality call priced at a great value for the consumer,” said Zack Rednour, Flambeau Outdoors field sales manager.

We can’t argue with the price. The MSRP is $19.99 for the call, but locations like Cabela’s are selling it for a few bucks less.

Box calls are typically reliable (as long as you do some practicing) and we have yet to try one with a cherry top. If we decide to go with this call this fall, we’ll let you know how well it performs.

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