Taking small steps is what environmentalists aim to do when it comes to saving the planet one step at a time. This is because these small steps add up over time, and they receive less opposition rather than taking large bear steps through the process.

There are petitions out to protect the coyotes and wolves of the Northeast Region, and many have signed it. This meant that the USFWS has to do three things to keep up with the petition:

1. Design and act on a Northeastern Gray Wolf recovery plan,
2. Create a distinct area for Gray Wolves to populate in the Northeastern areas, and
3. Regulate and treat these species as endangered species in the area.

This includes all of the animals that are closely related or resemble the Gray Wolf in the area. The USFWS states that taking a petition to plan and regulate the lives of the coyotes and wolves in the area is not a petitionable request under the beloved Endangered Species Act.

The petition involves the creation of a distinct population segment for Gray Wolves, and Gray Wolves alike, and the USFWS responded back with:

“We, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announce a 90-day finding on a petition to list a Distinct Population Segment of the gray wolf in five northeastern States as endangered under the Endangered Species Act of 1973, as amended. We find that the petition does not present substantial scientific or commercial information indicating that listing a DPS of the gray wolf in the Northeastern states may be warranted. Therefore, we will not initiate a further status review in response to this petition. However, we ask the public to submit to us at any time, any new information that becomes available concerning the presence of the gray wolf in the northeastern United States, particularly information to substantiate the presence of breeding pairs.”

The petitioners are on schedule, and have a specific way of showing what they want done. These petitioners in particular are actually trying to manipulate an outdated Endangered Species Act in order to put a stop to all of the hunting and trapping in the area so they can ‘save the animals’ that are not even endangered.

The USFWS has now stated that there will be no DPS upheld, and are leaving the door open. They also ask for any findings of Gray Wolves or coyotes in the area. This is something that you have to think about, and perhaps put a stop too depending on what side you feel you lie on.

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