Getting ready for 2010 winter coyote hunting in Maine

Posted by admin On January - 8 - 2010

This past week I finally purchased my hunting/fishing license for the Maine 2010 season. As a non-resident this package costs $157 this year which has gone up since last year. Oh well, it’s the price we must pay. This license covers hunting of small and big game, fishing, and also a night hunting permit for coyote. This does not cover any special permits needed for hunting animals such as moose and turkeys, which none of us currently hunt. This winter I will focus on coyotes, bobcats, and foxes. As this is our first winter hunting these predators I hope we can get one, and I’m assuming it will be easier than the warmer months since they will be mating and also hungrier due to the snowfall. I have also just received some new hunting gear from Cabela’s that I ordered late last week. The new hunting gear I have includes a new camo folding chair that sits low to the ground, a Cabela’s bi-pod shooting stick, and some camo form rifle wrap which I think will work really nice on my rifle and shotgun. The camo form wrap, the chair, and a new Remington camo backpack that I picked up at Wal Mart a few weeks back will be put into another air tight bag I have with some spruce and/or pine branches in order to cover up some of the fabric/plastic scent on these items. I used to do that with my hunting clothing, but no longer, definitely did not like it that much. Now I just make sure I wash my stuff with scent free wash, and will also use Dead Down Wind spray before heading out to a stand. We also need to pick up some red lens repair tape which is sold at automotive stores, which we will use to cover the lens of our spotlight. These types of animals are not supposed to see the wavelength of red light which should also aid in our hunts. We will be traveling to Maine for MLK weekend to do as much hunting as we can, so stay tuned to see how we do.

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