‘Global Warming’ in Maine Might Harm Canadian Lynx

Posted by admin On June - 17 - 2011

So many people are worried about global warming these days, which it has gone to a whole new level when it comes to the wildlife and hunting scenes that are not even in the immediate area being affected.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service posted that global warming in Maine can cause harm to the Canadian lynx because of snow packs dwindling as the temperatures soar.

Not only is the USFWS bringing it to us thick, but it means that we have one more thing to worry about in the long run. Of course, this whole global warming thing could be a hoax since there is no actual and factual information on whether or not it is going to happen.

In Maine, the deer herd is almost entirely gone in the northern area of the state, and now the same is going to happen to the lynx of the area. This is because of the 3 winters out of 4 that had the close to record snowfalls, cold temperatures, and even the longest winters. This might not be true since it should have happened during one of those winters.

This has been 10 years since they believed that global warming was going to end the world, but we still not have seen it. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife was mostly hoping for the global warming in order to save the herd of deer.

This is why they are using the lynx as a way to gain recognition and perhaps save the deer herd in the same shot. They are looking for better management of the area to reduce the forest’s rate of change and perhaps soften the blow of change in climate in a bunch of different species of the forests.

They seem like they are using this global warming idea as a tactic to scare people into things. This is something that you want to believe, and perhaps there is much talk about it but in all reality we should be taking care of the forests, not because of global warming however, but because we should.

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