The US Fish and Wildlife Service is now misleading people and playing the hands of the environmentalists. They have planned a meeting in June to take any comments or questions from the general public for their proposal on removing the gray wolf from the Federal protection that it is under in the Western Great Lakes Distinct Population Segment. They are not however, telling anyone the truth on the matter.

When it comes to what the USFWS is proposing, it is a political matter and doesn’t involve any science at all. The gray wolf matter that they have thrown out there is another matter that has become a huge mess, and has no scientific facts or meaning at all.

Who is the creator of this large mess? None other than the USFWS who is putting all of these ideas into everyone’s heads. The USFWS wants to remove the gray wolves from the protection of the Federal Government in Western Great Lakes. They actually do not want to delist these wolves, and it seems to be part of a larger game.

Now they didn’t fail to mention that they discovered a new species of wolf named the eastern wolf. They are saying that it is because the gray wolf has teamed up with another species to make this new wolf.

Why didn’t we just rename the gray wolf in the beginning? We should then put all wolves on the list, and not have to worry about it. But now they are being picky when it comes to this and only want to put certain species on the list. This is because they intend to accomplish something with this action.

The good part about it is that they are removing around 29 states from the list that used to provide homes for these wolves. They have now said that the gray wolf has never actually lived there and it has been the eastern wolf living there all along.

Then they proceeded to say that both the gray wolf and the eastern wolf occupy the same territories as well. Which is it? A lot of people believe that perhaps they want to now name the eastern wolf as an endangered species on the list. Is this something that should be done? Are they really endangered?

After this has been passed, forget about hunting or trapping any wolves of any kind. Since you cannot distinguish between the two then you can throw that right out the window. All the hunting and trapping of canines will forever be gone because of this new rule.

Is this the goal of the USFWS? The steadily dropping number of deer in Maine because of predators is going to be in serious trouble if there can no longer be trapping and hunting of canines. Canines are also one of the worst spreaders of disease in the area, and a lot of these diseases can actually be fatal to a human.

Some people might not be bothered by any of this, while others might be extremely bothered when nothing is being done. The diseases will eventually spread and become far worse in the end.

Do we really want to take the chance with all of these things? One bad thing can lead to another, and then another and so on. This can become one big epidemic. Not only for humans, but also for the other animals within the forests. We have to take control at some point.

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