Heated Game of Solitaire Gets Man in Hot Water

Posted by admin On February - 16 - 2011

Being ignorant, especially in the world of outdoor recreation, is not only unfortunate, but it can be expensive, as one man recently discovered.

Here at Northeast Hunting, we keep track of news stories about hunting and fishing from across the country. Some of them are just typical news, while others are little gems of information that are impossible not to pass on. This article, which we originally read on the Detroit News website, is one of the latter.

An officer from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources was out on his normal patrol when he came across unattended tip-ups on a place known as Long Lake, which isn’t too far from the town of Alpena. After unsuccessfully locating the owner by sight, the officer, Bill Webster, tripped some of the flags to signal that a fish had taken the bait. He then waited 30 minutes for someone to respond, and when no one did he followed footprints to a house where a man admitted they were his lines.

The man wasn’t being malicious in his ignorance of the law, which prohibits unattended fishing lines, but instead had went indoors to get out of the chilly temperatures. He told the officer that he had sat down and started playing “an exciting game of solitaire on the computer” and had forgotten about fishing.

He, and a neighbor, were ticketed for unattended lines, a misdemeanor that carries a fine that can fall between $100 and $150.

This is just the newest example of “sportsmen” who are ignorant to not only obey the law, but to the moral right. No one should ever want an animal to suffer, and a fish caught on a hook that is unable to free itself is indeed suffering.

We here at Northeast Hunting promote lawful outdoor activity, and remind each and everyone of our readers that ignorance is no excuse of the law and as that we all take the time to be mindful of what we’re doing while in the great outdoors.

Bisquick Tip

And for those anglers out there who like a good fish fry, here’s a tip for you we just tried out recently. After filleting and removing the bones from your fish, run them through a Bisquick batter and drop them in hot grease. The batter should be much thinner than pancake consistency. Think beer batter instead, where it holds to the fish, but isn’t so thick to glob on and isn’t so thin that it runs off. Fry the fish until golden brown.

We tried this just the other day on a suggestion from a friend, and it was pretty darn good. The Bisquick makes for a crunchy batter with a ton of flavor that still manages to be light and doesn’t mask the flavor of the fish.

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