It is important to realize that deer food plots are essential in producing trophy whitetail deer. You will want to create a habitat for the deer which can hold them year round, and having a deer food plot is an essential piece of starting a project like this.

Good farming techniques is what you will need which includes crop diversification, because just tossing some seeds around will not be very successful in producing the deer you are seeking. Variety is key! Just like anything else, farm the land right the first time and you will reap the rewards.

So what types can you use as part of your annual planting? Different varieties include brassicas, soybeans, clover, rapeseed, and chickory. Depending on the size of your land it’s a good idea to have a few different food plots spread out which has proven successful for some in order to keep the deer year round, and especially during the harsh winter months. Of course a winter in Texas is not the same as winter in northern Michigan, so you will need to tailor your own plan.

Weed control is another factor you will need to pay attention to while creating your deer food plot. Creating a great soil condition will help your crops grow if they have fewer weeds to compete with. So have a strategy when dealing with re-growth during this process which takes place in spring to early summer. The process of killing of grass and weeds and waiting for re-growth will take a few times, but the more time spent doing this the better. This will also depend on the condition of the field that you originally began with.

Soil testing is the next step in creating a successful deer food plot. This will save you time and money, because putting down the wrong fertilizer or adding lime will end up in failure for your food plot. Don’t go into this step blindly, get your soil tested, know the pH, and then you will have a successful plan. Depending on what and how much you plant, getting your soil tested every few years should be fine.

Late summer planting can now begin when you have completed your weed control. Pay attention to the weather, because this plays a factor in what you decide to plant and how successful the crop will be. Many choices are available to you for planting, so do some research and make an informed decision on what you want for your deer food plot.

This should have given you a little insight into the world of setting up your deer food plot, so good luck and I hope you are able to produce those trophy whitetail deer you’ve been dreaming of.

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    I have had awesome success with my Rack Stacker food plots and mineral attractants, Pro Staff Peter Wood