Hunter submitted story: My Trophy Deer Hunt 11/23/09

Posted by admin On December - 7 - 2009

My Trophy Deer Hunt 11/23/09

While I was out hunting, I was sitting in a spot where I could see in front of me and on both sides. In front of me I saw a couple of deer going threw the woods about 150 yards away going to the left. I couldn’t tell what they were because I didn’t see them long enough. But one did appear darker than the other. A few minutes later I was talking to my wife Kelly on the phone and when I hung up and put the phone in my pocket I caught a movement up the trail 125 yards to my left. There was a breeze blowing down the trail to my left in my face. When I turned my head I saw a doe go across the trail so I dropped my gloves to the ground that I was holding in my left hand so my left hand was free to handle my rifle.

Then across about 15 to 20 feet behind the doe came a huge deer, he was almost black. He took a quick look down the trail towards me but kept on walking. Rite then I was thinking it was a pretty long shot. But I had made shots like this before so I pulled up and put my bead in the middle of his shoulder and squeezed it off. It made a loud swap sound and he went into the woods with his tail down. This would normally mean it was a solid hit. At that time I called the guy that I was hunting with (Tim) to let him know I had shot at a huge buck. He had heard the shot and was trying to call me at the same time. His call went directly to my mailbox, and at the same time he could see I was calling him and answered. I told him that I had shot at a huge deer and I was going to wait about twenty minutes and then go check and see if I had got him.

At that time Tim called Jimmy (the guy whose land we were hunting on) and told him that I had shot his big buck. Jimmy asked where I was (down on the knoll where the black bucket was), how far away the deer was when it came out (125 yards), and what I was using for a gun (30-30 open sites). He said he never touched him. That gun doesn’t have enough power to shoot that far and if he did it could not of killed him. I had to let my heart settle down because I was pretty excited before I went to look to see if I got him. This would give him a chance to settle down also if I did hit him. Twenty minutes (which seemed to be two hours) went by and I went to where I thought he came across. No blood or hair. There was a stonewall rite where I thought he came across and there was still no blood or hair to be found. I made a sweep threw the woods and followed what I thought was his tracks. I didn’t find any signs at all. So I figured I must have missed, it was a pretty quick shot. I couldn’t go hunting the next day. But I could go the following day.

First thing that morning I went rite back to where I shot at the buck hoping he would come back for round two. This time I had my Winchester 30-06. I figured this time if he came out he was going to be mine. So I sat on my five-gallon bucket for three hours and my butt was getting numb. I looked back up where I had taken my shot a day and a half before and thought; I think I didn’t go up far enough when I looked before. I should have gone up about another twenty yards. So I had enough of sitting there and thought I would go look again for that deer. I went up to where I thought I should have looked. I found a little hair and an old road. I walked in eighty to hundred feet. I came around the corner and my heart starting beating like it was going to come out of my chest and this is what I found. A huge 11 point 220 pound buck in a huge pile. I called Tim and told him that I had found my buck that I shot at a day in a half before. Tim he gave a big hoot and told me he was on his way. Tim isn’t a little man but he sure can move when he is motivated. He caught up with me on the main trail and told him about how I found him.

When we came around the corner together he had the same response I had when I first saw him. It is a moment I will never forget. We tried to drag it and quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen. I told Tim if I try this too much more someone is going to need to put the paddles on me. Tim went and got the four-wheeler and that is how we got him out. Of course Tim had to give Jimmy a call just to let him know we were on the way to tag his big buck. The rifle I was hunting with I bought when I was 13 and I am now 49.I paid $50.00 for it used. It is a Winchester Model 94-30 with semi buck-eyed sites and it was made in 1949. The ammunition I was using was a Winchester Supreme Silver Tip 150-grain high in pack round. It blew the left front shoulder apart, cut the top of the heart off, and destroyed the lungs. I was surprised he went as far as he did into the woods. But on that last breath deer have been known to go a long ways. So all the people who give me grief about using my old rifle, which there have been allot. I love it when I can come back to them with a deer and make them eat crow.

Submitted by: Walter from Maine

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  1. daniles says:

    nice looking deer where abouts did you get the chance to take him. Its hard hunting in Northern Maine and Its great to see a nice deer like that. There are definetly a lot of big deer up there but no one hunting them so it makes it that much harder. congrats