It’s apparent that media, as a whole, is beginning to sit up and take note of hunters. Not only does flipping through the satellite or cable channels give you an idea of how far hunting and fishing have come in terms of their own presence on television, but sitting down and watching national weather and news programs shows what an impact hunting is making.

Take, for example, that the Weather Channel is now offering a regular fishing report while Versus, the most popular outdoor channel in the United States, will be offering whitetail reports this year.

The Weather Channel’s decision to start airing fishing reports is rather impressive when you sit back and think about it. This is a channel that is built around people wanting to know if it’s going to be rain or shine, or snow or just cloudy. And now they’re going to be coming out and discussing solar and lunar activity and additional facts about how weather affects fishing and the activity of the marine population?

In addition to the television version of the report, will be offering updated fishing reports on a regular basis. As a bonus, the website will feature “The Catch of the Day,” where online visitors can submit their daily catches.

That means that a single portion of the outdoor world–the angler–has gained enough national attention that advertisers are asking for programs that cater to them.

It’s the same with hunters. Versus will be offering their whitetail report during hunting season this year. You can check them out on TV or simply go to to check out what the channel has to offer.

Their whitetail report, according to the channel’s website, will include pre-rut, early rut and rut conditions complete with map highlighting of areas.

Who knows what could be next for hunters and anglers when it comes to national media attention. Maybe a reality show about Maine moose hunting? Or striped bass fishing in Massachusetts? Heck, they’ll probably have an iPhone app that helps you track your wounded deer pretty soon.

Whatever the next step is in the media coverage of hunting and fishing, it is only going to help get more people interested, more companies dedicated to the sport and more versatility in the offerings to those who partake in the outdoor life.

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