Hunting Gear Options for Hunting Women

Posted by admin On February - 21 - 2012

10 years ago, hunting gear for women pretty much did not exist. Getting children’s or men’s clothing was all a girl had to do, but a lot of the time, the clothing and gear did not fit right and make a ruckus when walking through the woods.

Of course, it doesn’t make a difference as long as you blend well and do not make much noise. It does matter to women though. You want to be comfortable, as well as quiet when walking through the woods. Over a decade has gone by, there are still some gear issues for women but as times change, the industry is constantly trying to find ways to meet women’s hunting needs.

The Camo

There are several styles of camo hunting gear from a few different manufacturers such as Prois, Realtree, and SHE Safari. Pam Zaitz is a huntress that designed the whole women’s hunting line for SHE Safari when she was asked to go along with her husband on an African safari, but didn’t have anything to wear! She quickly designed and sewed together a few items before her departure. Now she can help outfit any woman for just about any hunting quest that they are on. She enjoys allowing women to feel comfortable and take part in their hunts without saggy, ill-fitted clothing.

The Guns

The manufacturers of firearms strive their hardest to make guns that fit all ages and sizes. I don’t know if there really is a need to design a firearm for women since there are so many choices already out there depending on the woman’s taste in guns. A lot of women like the Stoeger M3500 which is a 12 gauge autoloader. It is smooth, and accurate with each fire. There are many different models to choose from depending on your build and preference, so you do not have to choose this specific model. One important thing to keep in mind when choosing a gun is that all the guns out there can be customized by lengths, weight, trigger pull, and smoother actions.

Recoil can be an issue for any hunter out there. It is especially a problem for smaller framed shooters and women however. There are new choices of ammunition in the works from many manufacturers that are realizing this problem. They want to develop a smooth and low recoil shoot. With a lighter load ammo that will not compromise the hunt. Finding a gun that kicks less, and shoots better can be a good thing for any hunter.  When women have a gun that fits them the best and they are comfortable with, they will want to hunt more.

The Gear for Rain

There is a product line of rain gear specifically made for women. A lot of the clothes that are being sold conform to a woman’s body so she can move with ease and not have baggage or a lot of sound when doing so. Frog Toggs is one brand that definitely stepped up their game when it came to women’s rain and wading apparel. They take every step possible to make sure the equipment feels and fits like it should.

The Boots

The boots that you choose should fit you snugly, and give you enough breathing room so they do not become overly sweaty while in the woods. The most talked about, and most loved pairs of boots out there come from Lacrosse with their two styles of rubber boots and their choices of snake boots specifically designed for women. Their rubber boots are insulated to keep the wet out which is always a plus, and the snake boots not only have a side zipper, but they also come equipped with laces for the perfect fit.

The Call

Brenda Valentine discovered and invented the first pot and peg style turkey call for ladies. This is a call that was designed by a woman, specifically for a woman. It has smaller tapered sides for smaller sized hands on each side, made from slate and glass. This creates many different turkey sounds. It is easy to use, and now you can “sweet talk” just about any turkey your way.

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