Hunting in Maine

Posted by admin On August - 10 - 2009

It was a great four days in Maine even though we were unsuccessful in killing any coyotes. At least we were able to hear some every time we went out, except for the time when we were near the airport. We know they are there, we’ve heard them, seen their droppings, seen their tracks, so definitely a lot of positive signs. Each time we head out we are learning more and more about where and how to hunt Maine coyotes. If anyone has ever tried to hunt these predators in northern Maine, they will tell you it’s hard. These woods are very thick and finding a clear cut is not easy, even more because they grow up again way too fast. This is not the type of hunting you see on TV when they hunt these large prairies and see a coyote come from a mile away, not even close. Even when hunting deer, whoever it may be will see deer after deer, but wait a few days till he or she gets the one they want. They sure are spoiled, must be nice. In northern Maine it’s a battle, most hunters will tell you that, pretty much take what you can get. Overall I think that type of experience is more exciting and rewarding, especially if it’s a coyote. Coyotes move quick and will not stop for any short amount of time like a deer.

Well right now we’ve narrowed it down to two methods of hunting Maine coyotes. First is in fields with our decoy and predator call. Open fields are tough to come by and I think they are all privately owned. We have already made some contacts and we are hoping to receive permission to hunt their land. Next time we go to Maine we will be knocking on everybody’s door who lives next to a field. So far I haven’t seen any just out in the woods anywhere, don’t think they exist, where we are anyways. Also, the people we’ve talked to say they have problems with coyotes in their fields and that they see them all the time. Hopefully this works out for us.

Secondly we will use bait when we are out in the woods with our predator call. We think the best option for this is a dead end logging road that we know will not grow up and will be an area we will consistently bait. This way they will get used to coming to this specific area. It’s all trial and error and in four days we’ve learned quite a bit. Thanks again for stopping by and keep on hunting.

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