There’s just something that gets the heart pumping when it comes to hunting snowshoe hare. Maybe it is the speed of the hunt, and the ability to hit a sometimes-blindingly-fast target, or maybe the bay of the beagles as they catch the scent–but there’s a bit of magic in the air when it comes to snowshoe hare hunting.

But the key to hunting these speedy critters is more than just good shooting and a dog at your side, which is exactly why the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department will be hosting a free workshop about snowshoe hare hunting come March 3. The event, which will run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., will be held at the Owl Brook Hunter Education Center in Holderness, New Hampshire (register by calling 603-536-3954).

The workshop will include presenters Edward Vien, Bob Drozdowski and Adam Gauthier. Vien is the president of the NH Beagle Club and Drozdowski is a past president. All three are hunter education instructors.

Workshop participants will be introduced to one of New Hampshire’s finest small-game hunting experiences — hare hunting with beagles. You’ll learn about snowshoe hares and where to find them, equipment needed for hunting hares, dogs and their needs and training, safety considerations, hare and rabbit hunting resources, and how to find clubs in New Hampshire that focus on dogs and hare hunting.

Participants should bring warm outdoor clothing and be prepared to spend some time outside. The first portion of the workshop takes place in the classroom, and then the class moves outdoors, where the dogs will show their stuff. Please note that this workshop does not include lunch.

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