Kowa Genesis 10 x 33 Binocular Review

Posted by admin On December - 16 - 2010

What can be said about the Kowa Company’s Genesis 33 binoculars other than “wow”? I am the first to admit that before I had a chance to talk with Kowa representatives about field testing a set of their binoculars, I really had no idea the company even existed.

Over the years, I have used a variety of lenses while out in the woods, ranging from Bushnell to Nikon brands, but I had never lifted a set of Kowas to my eyes prior to this year. I am not sure how I went so long without being introduced to this top-notch company.

The Kowa Genesis 33 is a tough set of lenses that comes sheathed in a durable, heavily constructed body. The pair I used this year was a dark green, trimmed with classic black. The dull colors helped keep the binoculars from glaring, making them ideal to carry around your neck at all times without a worry of spooking off your quarry with a glint of light off your tools of the trade. Thankfully, the strap provided by the company is comfortable enough to allow all-day carrying with no problem, staying comfortably in place and not rubbing and scratching at your skin the entire time.

The performance of these binoculars was impressive indeed. I used them during the first week of a firearm deer season hunt in Michigan this fall. I hunted a very heavily wooded area with a large amount of canopy cover that prevented any significant amount of light down. That’s when I discovered these binoculars are invaluable in the field.

The first positive to them is how quickly and easily you can focus them with one hand. The dial used to clarify the object being scoped turns easily, allowing users to simply look through them and focus with one hand, allowing the other hand to be free to hold a call or other device.

In addition, the light transmission of these glasses is amazing. I do not have the technical specs sitting in front of me at this point and I rarely quote them anyhow, but sufficient to say that these binoculars, at 10x33mm, were nearly as capable as my 50mm rifle scope at the same magnification. That shows me that Kowa has the understanding of how important it is for hunters to be able to clearly see their prey even as light sources begin to diminish.

That, as we all know, is when much of our quarry begins to actively move, and having a device like the Genesis 33 to help give a hunter the advantage is well worth the $1,000 price tag. In a place like Michigan, where I had to have at least three points on one side of the deer’s antler rack in order to legally take it, being able to count tines at just before dark is an exceptional value.

Another extremely important benefit to the Kowa lenses I went into the woods with is the fact that not once did they fog up on me, even when my scope, rather unexpectedly, did.

A large, thick-necked deer came in hard after a doe and fawn pair just as the sun was setting. I lifted by rifle to my shoulder. The front of the scope had been resting near my leg, which warmed the lens apparently and caused it to fog as I lifted it into the 19-degree air.

I could still make out the body of the deer clear enough to make a shot, which is a credit to the Redfield I was using, but I couldn’t count the tines with the fog. I wiped the front of the lens with my glove, lifted it again and cursed my luck as I still couldn’t make out the tines.

Then, I lifted the Kowa binoculars before dropping them, aiming and firing. Without the Kowa lenses around my neck, I wouldn’t have been able to see the rack nice enough through the fogged-up scope to know if it was legal to take or not.

The bottom line is that Kowa makes top-flight lenses and the Genesis 33 10×33 binoculars are simply the best glasses I have ever used in my life–hands down.

You can get Kowa brand binoculars here, at Amazon, or simply visit the company’s website for more information about their entire lineup of products. Truth be told, I am looking forward to seeing what else Kowa makes and find out how they can help me get the edge in every season.

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