live chicken as coyote bait

Posted by admin On July - 25 - 2009

Well recently I wanted to get a live chicken to use while hunting yotes. I knew it would be a great way to attract a predator. There is one lone tree in the middle of the clear cut that we are going to hunt, and decided it would be a good idea to tie up the chicken there. I looked all around the web and read through Maine’s laws and regulations, but couldn’t find anything saying that this would be illegal. The first person I contacted regarding this was from a Maine coyote hunting website and his response was definitely illegal. I still was not convinced because I could not locate this law anywhere, and I read through the hunting laws many times.

So finally I sent an email to the department of fisheries and wildlife to see what they had to say. Somehow I knew they would say this was illegal and reference something I missed. When I got there response back, this was sure the case. Apparently this falls under the cruelty to animals law, which is definitely very debatable. This was dissapointing and then we decided to get an electronic critter decoy, which we haven’t bought yet.

On a side note, our hunting jeep is finally back from being welded and costing hundreds of dollars to fix. I think my father in law will drive it the four hours to Maine, so hopefully he won’t break down and need to be picked up. I’ll let everyone know how that turns out.

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