The moose lottery and game plan for deer are going through significant changes. These are being changed by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Commissioner.

The Moose Permit Lottery was given more thought after they received a large amount of complaints and concerns throughout the years about it. The Commissioner made it one of his very first priorities to look further into the issue, and come up with a solution to please everyone.

The Moose Lottery is being changed based on certain aspects that people have suggested over the years. The new system should level the field, and allow everyone to be happy. This new law will take effect at the end of September 2011, and they will continue through the 2012 lottery. Some of the changes that they have made include, but are not limited to:

  • Any one person can enter the lottery and state that they do not want a permit for that year, and this will earn them points.
  • Any permittee will be allowed to change their designated subpermittee for up to 30 days before moose season starts.
  • Residents of the area can only have one chance in the lottery, not multiple times like previous years.
  • Points that were earned from the last season will be able to be carried over to the next season.

They want to develop a new deer strategy for the Maine areas as well on top of the moose lottery. The decision to reduce the amount of antlerless deer permits by 46 percent for the year.

This is because the deer population is below the objectives that they are hoping to be at. If there are no antlerless deer permits given to a person, they cannot hunt an antlerless deer by law. The plan is to control any and all predation on deer that there has been.

All of these changes are for the economic future of Maine, and to keep the deer population nice and healthy so there continues to be enough deer to hunt.

This can be something worth looking into, and perhaps attending one of the meetings if you’re curious to see any other changes that might come about in the time to come.

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