Maine Offers Year-Round Coyote Hunting

Posted by admin On June - 3 - 2011

Maine is a great destination for hunters, there isn’t an argument about that. But it’s actually a dream come true for one particular type of hunter—those who like to stalk the often-elusive and intelligent coyote.

This is because Maine, which estimates an approximate 150,000 coyotes patrolling its lands, has no end to coyote season. Basically, what that means is a hunter who is following all of the rules and regulations about hunting can legally take a coyote at any point they would like in the year.

This works in favor of predator hunters as well as those who prefer to hunt other prey. Why? Because coyotes are known to snack on other animals on a regular basis, and due to their ability to have six to eight pups in a litter and to travel far and wide, they can have an impact no matter where they go.

Hunting in Maine for coyotes can be done numerous ways and it all depends on the style that a hunter is familiar and comfortable with. Some folks use calls and stalk them through their own desire to feed, while others will even use hounds to chase them down and track them. But one thing is for certain—no matter how you try to hunt a coyote, you better be ready to exercise your patient side.

The term “wily” when it refers to coyotes is more than just a Warner Brothers’ cartoon that likes to chase after road runners. Wiley, without a doubt to anyone who has ever hunted them, refers to every coyote.

These animals are careful, they are smart and they don’t tend to get themselves cornered. Even when you think you know where a coyote is going to be, it often already knows you’re there waiting for it.

The best piece of advice that any hunter can receive when hunting coyotes is a simple one that applies to so many things in life: Don’t give up.

Just because you’re not having luck one day doesn’t mean you won’t have some the next. And if you know a coyote is in an area, don’t throw your hands up in despair and never come back just because it eludes you for a few days. The key is to keep showing up, keep hunting and, eventually, you’ll be on the right side of the hunt.

If you already do some coyote hunting, then you know all the fun and excitement it can bring. If you haven’t been out tracking down these predators and you love hunting, then you need to make a point of trying it out. Quite honestly, there’s nothing else like it. It tests your ability, your perseverance and your skill—and that, our friends, is what hunting is all about.

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2 Responses to “Maine Offers Year-Round Coyote Hunting”

  1. steveOmil says:

    Yup, nothen I like more than being able to hunt year round. And being that it’s coyote makes it so much fun. Just wish you could hunt at night year round!

  2. gameseeker says:

    I agree, Coyot hunting is great and can really sharpen ones hunting skills. Year round night hunting would be really awesome!