Massachusetts Deer Harvest Shows Healthy Herd

Posted by admin On August - 15 - 2011

It’s hard to believe how far Massachusetts’ deer herd numbers have come since the late 1950s.

Back then, harvest numbers were hanging right around 2,200 deer. Even come 1965, the numbers weren’t impressive. That year was the first for archery season. Bow hunters totaled 18 deer taken.

For 2010, the total deer harvest was at 10,813, up just a tad from 10,381 in 2009. Last year’s deer season marked the 11th in a row that more than 10,000 deer were taken.

And archery numbers are looking much better than they did 45 years before. Last year, archers took down 3,778 deer.

Muzzleloader hunters also had a darn good year, taking 2,068 deer last year. That’s a far cry from 1973—the first muzzleloader season for the state—when just seven deer were harvested.

The most deer ever harvested in Massachusetts was in 2002 when a high number of doe permits were awarded to help keep deer numbers down. That season a total of 12,264 deer were taken by hunters.

New Hampshire 2011 deer seasons are: archery, Oct. 17 to Nov. 26; shotgun, Nov. 28 to Dec. 10; and primitive firearms, Dec. 12 to 31.

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