Thanks to a new system that is fully in place, the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game has announced that sportsmen will be able to obtain their 2011 licenses online.

The online licensing system was designed to make renewing and purchasing licenses more convenient for both residents and visitors to the New England state.

“The switch from paper license sales to an entirely electronic system will vastly improve the accounting, record keeping and efficiency of our licensing system,” said Division of Fisheries and Wildlife director Wayne MacCallum.

The system, dubbed MassFishHunt, eliminates having to wait until the paper license is received in the mail as the newly purchased license can simply be printed and used the same day.

MassFishHunt will allow online purchasing for inland fishing, hunting and trapping licenses as well as permits for recreational saltwater fishing and lobstering. Locations such as town halls, outdoor stores and retail outlets will eventually have the online system in place as well, but paper licenses will still be available until MassFishHunt is fully established at all locations.

Licenses may still be purchased in person at one of the Department of Fish and Game’s nine offices. Payment in cash or check will be accepted and a convenience fee will not be charged.

Click here to access the new MassFishHunt website.

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