Large Cat Sighting: Connecticut DEP Still Investigating

Posted by admin On July - 29 - 2011

The Department of Environmental Protection in Connecticut announced that they are cooperating with the Town of Greenwich’s police department on investigating the recent sightings of the large cat in the area around King Street in Greenwich.

Based on the photographs that were taken of the large animal, this evidence appears to show that it is a mountain lion that was once held in captivity and now was released or escaped from wherever it was before. There are no native mountain lions in Connecticut and the Eastern mountain lions that were once in the area were already declared extinct in the area by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

If the animal is seen by anyone, they should not approach it at all and immediately call the police or the local DEP 24 Emergency Phone Extension at 1-800-423-3333.

The police and DEP continue to research and look into the information that is given to them about this wild animal that is on the loose. All of the information that the offices currently have are based on blurry pictures that were taken by onlookers and large paw prints in the ground.

There have been previous reported sightings of mountain lions in the Connecticut region, but none of the sightings were ever confirmed and proved. If this loose animal is indeed a mountain lion, than it was one that was being held in captivity for a long time. The closest mountain lions that have been reported and known to be living in the area is in Missouri.

The police and DEP will continue to work closely with one another to control the situation and hopefully identify the animal in question. If anyone spots, or knows where the animal might have came from, they can call the hotline anonymously at 1 800 424 3333.

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