New Predator?

Posted by admin On September - 24 - 2009

Hello again. Its been a while since I have posted to the blog busy with work and other things. Bought a new bow last weekend so I have been shooting that trying to get it zeroed in for bow season and to hopefully bring you some great new pictures. Moving on to the headline! As I was driving to work the other morning I heard on the radio that their is a new predator making its way across the country. From what followers and researchers have seen it has made it as far East as New York. The new predator is being called a coywolf! Apparently somewhere along the line a wolf and a coyote have breed creating possibly the super predator! We all know what damage the coyotes have been doing in the Northeast and if you read any sportsman papers you will also find numerous articles about what wolves are doing to cattle and various other animals in the Midwest. If any one has any information regarding these creatures lets start to share it and see if we can prepare for their first arrival around here.

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